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Speakers, is bigger better? Klipsch La Scala

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Last winter I answered a sorta local Cragslist ad for a pair of ’76 era Klipsch La Scalas. I have heard La Scalas on and off over the years and always walked away coveting them.

This particular pair had been around the block, but the seller was motivated.

The woofers were replaced with Bob Crites’ special order replacements.

The tweeter diaphrams were placed with parts supplied by Bob, as well as the mid-horn gaskets.

The crossovers were recapped with Solen and Auicaps, and Bob came to the rescue again noting the ferrus screws used to hold down the chokes, which were replaced with brass.

Golly, talk about presence and efficiency, talk about being on stage with the musicians. I ran these with everthing from a T-Amp to a Scot LK-72, Sherwood S-5000, Eico HF-81, Stromerg Carlsons, I couldn’t make anything sound bad.

The original unfinished birch is being bathed with cherry veneer, and the original full grills are being replaced.

Thanks Paul Klipsh, Bob Crites, all my buds at, Craig Otsby especially, Tinkerbelle.

I’ll finish off the photo gallery when they get back from their cherry bath.