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For Sale: A bit of Sherwood History S-4400 and S-360 combo

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

In the mid 1950’s – the early days of HIFI – Sherwood Electronics Laboratories Sherwood, was founded Chicago, IL, USA to manufacture an audio amplifier which was designed by the legendary audio engineer Ed Miller. He and his Partner John Snow created a company which became famous for excellent audio equipment. Miller had already made his mark nine years earlier, at the age of twenty-five, at Radio Craftsmen – a manufacturer of truly classic components, though the name is virtually unknown to current audiophiles of less than middle age. It was there that he solved the “drift problem” then plaguing FM tuners by introducing an automatic frequency control into the circuit. The basic idea behind AFC was already in the engineering textbooks, but he was the first to incorporate it into an FM tuner.

When record companies started to produce stereophonic recordings, many HFI fans were faced with a dilemma about how to upgrade. In 1960 Sherwood produced the S-4400. A unique product that incorporated a stereo preamplifier and a single power amplifier. The also produced a stand-alone companion amplifier that was identical to the on-board amp of the S-4400. This allowed one to use their existing power amplifier to achieve stereo reproduction or buy an entire package.

Here is a catalog entry from the 1962 Airex catalog:

You have a chance to own a piece of audiophile history!

On offer is an S-4400 and S-360 combination, all original with it’s original tubes, a pair of Mullard 5AR4s, an octet of Made in Holland 7189s and European 12AX7.

All in proper working order.


$1000 USD FOB Detroit, MI

For further information please email