Rumpelmeßkoppler ? Now here’s something you don’t see too often

Developed by Thorens engineer Ludwig Klapproth, the Rumpelmesskoppler (rumble measuring coupler) consists of two parts. One part is the spindle that is fixed with its lower end to the top of the turntable axle protruding from the platter. The other end of the spindle is shaped to a very fine point which is plated with copper and nickel. The other part of this device is sort of an outrigger which is hung up at the top of the spindle and supported along the spindle’s shaft. The supports are made of high-polymer plastic and they glide virtually frictionless around the polished spindle. Fixed at the opposite lower side of this carrier is a tiny piece of vinyl record with grooves, onto which the cartrige and its stylus is put during the measurements. This rather stiff arrangement allows all rumble noises from 0 to around 500 Hz caused by the turntable or it’s bearing to be detected and transduced by cartridge employed.

These don’t come up too often, the last one on Ebay sold for $659.99 on 8/21/2011

Thorens rumble Rumpelmeßkoppler Rumpelmesskoppler turntable

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